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      Study of Education Systems

What is an Education System ?


Differentiated funding of higher education in the FWB

Retention at 3d year of nursery school

Education system of FWB

Poor or no French knowledge and skill

Inequalities of access to university

School careers of the European graduates

School catchment areas

Dual education system

D+ : criteria

D+ : student fluxes

Growing up in 2000

Early language learning

Study of the objective criteria allowing the general boards to add some schools or school sites (“implantations”) in the list of schools or implantations acknowledged as in positive “discrimination“

The number of implantations allowed to receive additional resources of positive discrimination according to the socio-economic level of their student population is limited by the legislation. At the same time however, the decree also provides for the possibility for the general boards to add a restricted number of school implantations in the list of schools or implantations acknowledged as in positive “discrimination“. Investigations in schools, contacts with principals and educational staffes, analysis of student features aimed at identifying the social, economic, cultural or educational criteria for which objective data are available and likely to provide food for the decision-makers’ thought to appoint some schools which might benefit from more resources.

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Demeuse, M., Crépin, F., Jehin, M., & Matoul, A. (2006). Behind the positive discrimination in French community of Belgium : central criteria vs local actions. In Lazaro Moreno Herrera, Graham Jones, Jukka Rantala (Eds), Enacting equity in education. Helsinki.