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      Study of Education Systems

What is an Education System ?


Differentiated funding of higher education in the FWB

Retention at 3d year of nursery school

Education system of FWB

Poor or no French knowledge and skill

Inequalities of access to university

School careers of the European graduates

School catchment areas

Dual education system

D+ : criteria

D+ : student fluxes

Growing up in 2000

Early language learning

Analysis of the university and occupational careers of the European school graduates

Participation in a study about European schools on request of the European parliament, Van Dijk management consultants, 2008.

The aSPe was involved in a research requested by the European Parliament about European schools in association with Van Dijk Management Consultants. The aSPe researchers analyzed the curriculum presented in these schools and contributed as education experts to the computer-based survey carried out by their partner by about 3000 former students of these European schools, about their school and occupational career, and about their satisfaction degree about the education they had received.

The research resulted globally in positive conclusions about the curriculum implemented by these schools and about the opportunities they offer to their graduated in terms of university and occupation careers. It also concluded with some considerations about two questions asked by the research sponsor: which are the strong points of the system and would it be wise to advocate the export of these strong points into national education systems.

More info

Van Dijk Management Consultants, Hindryckx, G., & Blondin, C. (2008). Analyse des parcours universitaire et professionnel des diplômés des écoles européennes. Bruxelles : Parlement européen.

http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/92452 (French);

http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/92470 (English);

http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/92541 (German).