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      Study of Education Systems

What is an Education System ?


Differentiated funding of higher education in the FWB

Retention at 3d year of nursery school

Education system of FWB

Poor or no French knowledge and skill

Inequalities of access to university

School careers of the European graduates

School catchment areas

Dual education system

D+ : criteria

D+ : student fluxes

Growing up in 2000

Early language learning

Study about the low knowledge and skills of the instructional language in students from migrant origin

Study aiming at identifying student populations from migrant origin, enrolled in primary or secondary education and with poor or no knowledge of the instruction language, mainly via the analysis of answers to a questionnaire submitted to all the principals. Ministry of Education (M. Arena), 2006-2007.

Over the last 20 years, special procedures aiming at the reception and insertion of non-speaking French students arrived in Belgium in the current year (“primo-newcomers”) have been implemented in primary and secondary schools in FWB. But we have to admit that these measures do not always help enough schools to organize the best possible support. The study had to supply a global description of the situation. It was carried out in two phases. Firstly, the quantitative phase aimed at measuring and featuring the concerned school audiences. The second, qualitative phase had to identify and evaluate the systems implemented in schools to organize the support of the students who have poor or no French knowledge and skills. The quantitative phase was carried out via a questionnaire submitted to every principal. The collected data helped to answer the following questions: number and proportion of primo-newcomers in terms of the decree; number and proportion of students who are not primo-newcomers but who have poor knowledge and skills of French; concentration of the concerned populations, whether the school is in positive discrimination or not; geographical localization and identifications of the concentrations; gender, average age, nationality and origin country; average length of life spent in Belgium,…

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Crépin, F., Bernard, S. (2007) Etude portant sur la non-maitrise de la langue de l’enseignement par les élèves issus de l’immigration. Liège : Unité d’analyse des systèmes et des pratiques d’enseignement de l’Université.