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      Study of Education Systems

What is an Education System ?


Differentiated funding of higher education in the FWB

Retention at 3d year of nursery school

Education system of FWB

Poor or no French knowledge and skill

Inequalities of access to university

School careers of the European graduates

School catchment areas

Dual education system

D+ : criteria

D+ : student fluxes

Growing up in 2000

Early language learning

Regular description update of the education system of FWB in a European database

National information file about the education system in FWB. General Department of Education Monitoring and Research, 2005-2010.

Each European education system is described according to very accurate common framework, made up of 11 chapters :

  1. Context and political, social, and economic trends
  2. The global organization of the education system and the general administration of education
  3. Pre-primary education
  4. Primary education
  5. Secondary and postsecondary education
  6. Higher education (tertiary education)
  7. Education and in-service training of young coming out of the education system, and of adults
  8. Teachers and education staff
  9. Evaluation of schools and education system
  10. Evaluation of schools and education system
  11. European and international dimension in education

An overview of the relevant legislation, a list of the institutions, a glossary, and references complete the description of each education system.

For more than 15 years, the SPE (Centre of Experimental Education), later the aSPe (Analysis of Systems and Practices in Education), were in charge of carrying out the yearly update of the database for FWB. In 2011, the system is significantly modified: on the one hand, the database form was given up for a presentation on the model of an on-line encyclopedia (Eurypedia, in reference to Wikipedia), and on the other hand, some new contents are processed (such as the quality insurance, which is the subject of a chapter), or the information structure is deeply adapted (for instance, the description of higher education is structured according to the levels defined within the Bologna process).

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