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      Study of Education Systems

What is an Education System ?


Differentiated funding of higher education in the FWB

Retention at 3d year of nursery school

Education system of FWB

Poor or no French knowledge and skill

Inequalities of access to university

School careers of the European graduates

School catchment areas

Dual education system

D+ : criteria

D+ : student fluxes

Growing up in 2000

Early language learning

Analysis of the causes and consequences of retention at 3d year of kindergarten (with C. Monseur)

Service général du pilotage et de la recherche en éducation (General Department of Education Monitoring and Research) of FWB, 2009-2011.

This research about retention at 3d year of kindergarten has a triple purpose. First, from the databases of FWB, we set up the profile and the schooling career of the students concerned by the retention at 3d year of kindergarten. Secondly, more advanced statistical analyses of the same databases enable to understand the influence factors and to model the process in order to detect the factors which have more impact in the risk to be retained in 3d year of kindergarten. Finally, we try to enlighten the representations of the instruction actors (teachers, CPMS, parents) about grade retention, via a questionnaire and some interviews. This research was led in collaboration with the Centre Approches quantitative des faits éducatifs (Quantitative aspects of educational facts) of the faculty.