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      International surveys about school efficiency and student attitudes

What is an international survey ?

What is the interest of international surveys ?


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What is an international survey ?

The start is a topic the interest of which goes beyond a single country’s concerns, and about which a comparison between countries or education systems would be enlightening, such as adult understanding level in reading literacy or 18-year-olds’ attitudes towards civism. A group of experts and/or representatives from each country begins to work, most often under the aegis of an international organization (EU, UESCO, OECD, IEA,...). The point is to determine precisely the domains to assess, and to develop a theoretical framework. Then test developers build a test battery. Pilot studies followed by a field trial administered in each participating country help to validate all the test instruments and the administration procedures, in order to found analyses and international comparisons on valid and reliable data. For the main campaign, a population-representative sample is randomly drawn and assessed. Finally, collected data are processed and analyzed.